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The Power of Three . . .

They say things always happen in threes, so I hope my famille is all done for a little bit . . .

We had two deaths in the family (one expected, one unexpected) and then my brother-in-law was in a car accident last night (but he’s OKAY!!).

So, mes enfants, I will be away from my blog for a little bit as I’m off to Cape Breton with my mum for some family time. . . . I’ll be back July 5th. No new posts till then . . ..

Squirrelly Girly


Can you afford $20 bucks a month? Can any of us afford not to?

I watched Anderson Cooper 360 this week because Angelina Jolie was on. She was discussing her refugee work. It was unbelievable. Anderson Cooper was also talking about the things he had seen. Things I can’t even type. Horrible acts against humanity.

In a world that goes to war over oil, how can we stand by silent as atrocities are being committed against our fellow human beings? How do the leaders of the world sleep at night knowing these things are going on and that not enough is being done? 6 million people without a home, without a country to protect them. Jenge and I sat in stunned silence the entire time, the only sound being when something so horrible was said or shown that a sort of choked exclamation escaped our lips.

Children kidnapped and brainwashed. Forced to become killing machine soldiers before reaching puberty. Women assaulted so horrendously they will never physically recover, to say nothing of the emotional toll. Families torn apart and people starving. Starving! Look around you! How much waste do we have that they would be grateful one hundred times over to have?

So, if you think you can affaord 15, 20 or 25 dollars a month, sign up to make a donation with the UN High Council for Refugees . If you can’t afford to make a donation, tell everyone you know about this, maybe they can afford to donate. And if they can’t, tell them to tell everyone they know. Because the worst thing we can do is what we’ve been doing. Staying silent.


The Big, Fat, Puppy Version of FU (and I don’t mean Felix Unger!)

So. Yeah. Portia’s been peeing on the carpet again. Is it because she’s crying and I don’t wake up? I don’t know. But Mummy Jennifer has decided it’s time for the hammer to fall. “She sleeps in your room, or in her kennel. None of this traipsing around the house all night.”

Sniff. Kay. You would never guess I’m the older sister. But I do agree with Jenge. It’s just that I’m a softie!!

So I bring Portia upstairs last night and set up the baby gate to keep her from going downstairs. This morning, she cries. I groggily stumble out of bed, stop off at Jenge’s room to get Rocky and the three of us head downstairs.

I go to the laundry room to turn off the alarm and when I step back out (all of 2 seconds later) she is peeing on the carpet RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! STARING ME IN THE EYE! I was so stunned a made sort of a ‘glick’ sound and then stammered: SHAME! SHAME ON YOU!! SHAME! SHAME!!

Like she cares. She’s already sauntered over to the food bowl and is looking at me as if to say ‘Why is there no kibble in her yet, bee-atch?’

She didn’t even care!! And I was two seconds from opening the door and letting her out!! You telling me she couldn’t even wait two seconds!! Glick!!

She totally flipped me off in dog language!! She didn’t even CARE!!



Yes, Einstein really did have his finger on the pulse of the world. It’s all about relativity. Case in point: to my best friend Donna, I am an uber geek. I love Sci-Fi, read math books for fun, and actually have a comic book collection. On Donna’s geek-scale, I am a 9.5. The 0.5 being the room needed for spontaneous geek stuff I do that she just does not have the capacity to imagine.

However, being a proud card-carrying member of the geek club, I know that my geekdom is actually pretty low on the geek-o-meter. I’ve been to Star Trek Conventions, and let me tell you, I’m only about a 5 or a 6 in comparison. I don’t have a action figure (aka Doll) collection, I don’t have Star Trek posters plastering my room (okay, okay, I used to but not anymore), and I actually get out into the real world and am quite social when needs be (although I would prefer to stay at home and watch re-runs of Stargate).

But I am proud of my geekiness and wear it like a badge of honor. Geeks are the most open minded people I know. They are always willing to let their imagination run free to see where it will go. I would go so far as to say that geeks are the most optimistic, good natured people on the planet. We truly beleive that one day, we will be able to solve the world’s problems with science and we will finally be able to put all our differences aside and joing globally, and then universally (like the Star Trek Federation). It won’t matter what you look like or how you dress, we will all be the same, striving for a better world. Human curiousity will lead us to unimaginable places and things. Hopefully, it will be the geeks that make first contact. It’s the best chance of things going well. Honestly, if you were an alien, who would you rather meet? Enthusiastic, scientific, good-natured people with a love for technology or power hungry, war mongering, suspicious politicians?

Lead on Geeks!! I am but a humble follower of your ways!!


Poor Portia!

My poor puppy! Not only did she not get chosen to be in this year’s ARF calendar (for which I submitted FABULOUS pics of her) but rainy days always get her down. She just lies around and sighs dramatically all the time. Plus I really thought we had a good chance for the calander as she is sooooooooo photogenic!! Honestly, how could anyone say no to this face???!!!???


Guilty Pleasures!

It’s the stuff you don’t tell your best friend about. You couldn’t stand to see the look of horror on her face. I came clean to Jenge but I can’t take the shame anymore! The only way to purge myself of the shame is to tell everyone about my latest guilty pleasure!

I love to work out to the song ‘Boyfriend’ by Ashlee Simpson.

Oh the SHAME!! THE SHAME!! But I find it so catchy! And it’s the perfect beat for my running pace!



All Shopped Up!
Well, my yearly shopping quota was low but my trip to Great Falls, MT, topped me up for the year. The girls and I had a FABULOUS time!

We left Friday at 4.30 and made it to Great Falls around 9.30ish. After some quick nibbles at the Tony Roma’s we donned our suits and headed for some hot tub time. Ahhhhhhh, so relaxing after the drive (during which it rained Cats and Dogs! Kudos to Heidi for driving through it!)

The next morning at 9.30, we fueled up at breakfast and set our game plan: Harley Davidson store (for Donna to pick something up), craft store (for me), Target and then the mall. The craft store was a dissapointment to me since I had a list of stuff I had taken off their website, but the store had less than 10% of their online stock. However, we did pick up some super cute Vintage Vogue patterns (for sewing) which Heidi informed us were so cheap they were practically illegal! (3.00USD compared to 33.00 CAD. Yes, you read that correctly)

Then we hit Target. We found lots of good buys and I did some heavy duty Mastercard damage. After that – the mall. In an unbelievable turn of events, the mall’s food court wouldn’t have even impressed a defector from 1980’s Communist Russia (a subway, an orange julius and the Posh Taco – which was so far below Posh that words fail to describe it). We ate at the Posh Taco and then hit Sears, Herbergers, JC Penny, Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. All in all, we finished at 5.30 and stopped for Starbucks. Yum. Starbucks. I navigate around the world by where the Starbucks’ are. Heidi had the best “Discount” total. Regular price 125.00, Heidi paid 13.00. Gotta love a sale!!

We had a world-class dinner at the Beargrass Grille. I had the stuffed pork tenderloin, Donna had the Ahi Tuna, and Heidi had Salmon. All of us had too much wine. At one point, we were laughing so hard we couldn’t speak! And then it was off to the Tiki Bar known as The Sip and Dip, where there is a glass pool (like the kind you see at Sea World or the Zoo) where people dress up like mermaids and wave through the glass. We were treated to a mer-man who spent his breaks chatting Donna up. I won at the VLT’s and at the end of the evening, we’re not quite sure how, our bar tab was only $24.00. And we’d been drinking for hours. SCORE!! We cabbed it back to the hotel, Heidi passed out, Donna and I ate Cheetos and then donned our suits for one more trip to the hot tub. We finally crashed into bed at 3 but were suprisingly not hung-over the next day (Donna and Me – Heidi was hurtin’). We hit the shoe store, the Michael’s, the Old Navy and the grocery store and then it was back home to Canada! I missed the puppies terribly, and it made me so happy to see how happy Portia was to see me! GREAT WEEKEND!!



My name is Rocky and for the last two and a half years I have been held hostage. My captors are two biped gigantors and a four legged freak named Portia. The bipeds calle themselves Mummy Jennifer and Mummy Margarita. I am at the mercy of my captors who decide when I eat, how much I get, whether I can go outside or stay in. I am forced to sleep on only the small corner of a queen size bed. Sometimes the freak, Portia, stands guard at the door and won’t let me in or out. I’m forced to do stupid tricks with bizarre names such as ‘Shake a Paw’ or ‘Roll Over.’ Portia guards the bones and I never get to chew them or play with other toys unless they are hidden from her and only taken out for me in secret. They torture me with a terrible ritual known only as ‘Grooming.’ I don’t know if you will get this message but if you do, send help. Send kibble.


Craft Ho Redux!

Okay, so you already know I am a Craft Ho. I scrapbook, make my own cards, knit. And I’m a type A personality who can’t wait to start projects. So where does this leave me?

I’ll tell you where this leaves me. It leaves me at 10pm at night trying desperately to find a place in Calgary that has a set of Size 17 inch Double pointed needles!

Honestly, my heart rate is up and so is my blood pressure, because I’ve already started knitting and I’m at the point where I need to switch to those needles and I. CAN’T. FIND. THEM.

I could go ebay, but that might take weeks! Same with a yarn store I found online! My only option left is to call the other yarn/knitting stores in town tomorrow to see if they carry them.

And if you’re thinking, oh, try Michael’s! I say to you, get out of the kiddie pool you freak. As if I haven’t already. I already had to buy a set of size 15 -25″ circular needles and MacGyver them (ie cut them down to 16″ and then tape together) cuz they didn’t have that either! Craft superstore my a$$!

Now to you, this is not serious. This is prolly quite amusing (and possibly a little frightening given my reaction), but to me, this is hard core, nerve-wracking, heart-palpatating business. I use my crafts to relax, DAMMIT!! AND WITHOUT THEM I CAN’T RELAX!! I HAVE BEAUTIFUL ALPACA YARN BEGGING TO BE KNIT. I HAVE CHOSEN MY COLORS METICULOUSLY. I NEED MY NEEDLES! SOB!

The next person to tell me this is not really a big deal is getting a knitting needle shoved up their nose. And then we’ll see how serious this is!


Mini Break!

Mes amis, it is time for a mini-break! For those times when you are too broke and too busy to take a real vacation, a mini-break is what you need to take the edge off. This weekend, the girls and I are headed for Great Falls, MT. The Canadian dollar is rockin’ and it’s time to go-a-shoppin’!!

I just found out that the Wal-Mart there is open 24-7. Un-freakin’-believable! So you really could dash out at 2 am because you JUST HAD TO HAVE a new pair of shoes.

K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, JC Penny, the craft store and Victoria’s Secret. I’m about ready to put my mastercard to the test! Who will crack first? Me from exhaustion or it because it’s MAXED!

Of course it will all be for naught if we get stopped at the border since Donna doesn’t have a passport or birth certificate (Seriously! Damn Quebecois don’t issue birth certificates, can you believe that? If I get stopped I’m sending a NASTY letter to the Bloc Quebecois! Of course, it will prolly get lost with all the other NASTY mail they get. . . ) D! It’s not your fault!

But since we don’t look like trouble, I’m pretty sure we’ll be okay. The only trouble we’re gonna cause is:
a) spike in the USA GDP
b) girly martini night at the sip and dip
c) hogging the sauna

Whoo hoo! Mini Break! I can hardly wait!!