Covencraft – List of Characters

Series Characters
Jade – Our Heroine [click link for character interview]
Emotionally stunted, smart, funny, wry. Loves no one in the world [currently] other than Lily. Coldly logical to the point of being oblivious to the fallout of some decisions. Socially awkward. Doesn’t know what the word “Introspective” means. Would rather shoot first…..and not ask questions at all. Wants to fit in, doesn’t know if she can. Mistrustful, suspicious at times, lacks impulse control, lacks a brain-to-mouth filter. See Jade’s board on Pinterest

Paris – Our Hero [click link for character interview]
Head of the coven. Inherited the job from his mother [deceased].  A thinker. Is very aware of his position as leader and the need/desire/burden to lead/protect/set an example. Reserved, collected, rational.

Lily – No information because it would lead to SPOILERS!!! But you can see Lily’s pinterest board

Callie – Jade’s [new] BFF
Has a sisterly relationship to Paris, as they knew each other as children. Type A. Studious. Scholarly. Loves a schedule, a plan, a party. Optimistic and trusting. She shows Jade what’s it’s like to have a friend. Her boyfriend’s name is Nick.

Henri – One of the ‘girls’
Routinely hangs out with Jade and Callie. Probably one of the few males Jade is fully comfortable around as he clearly doesn’t ‘want’ anything from her. Fun, sensitive, loyal. His boyfriend’s name is Daniel.

Seth – Egyptian Demon/God of desert, storms, darkness and chaos
Takes an interest in Jade. Superior Class Demon. Wants to make a deal with Jade. Cheeky, amoral, darkly fun

Daniel – Henri’s Boyfriend and Jade’s coworker
Works with Jade at Counter -Magic. Her morning running partner. Steadfast, dry. He’s somewhat quiet and circumspect which is one of the reason Jade finds him easy to get along with.

Bruce – Jade’s lizard familiar
Magical creature found in the sewers underneath the Coven. Is somewhat like a ‘pet’ to Jade but would be considered more intuitive and smarter than a domesticated animal. Has magic of his own, but it can only be used in conjunction with Jade’s magic. Familiar’s are quite rare. The health and status of a witch’s familiar is closely tied to that of the witch. If a familiar is ill or sick, it’s because something is wrong with their human.


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