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Gakis, Margarita

Urban Fantasy author, cello nerd, constant student and doggie mum. Author of Covencraft Series

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”~ Albert Einstein

So, I’m a little squirrelly. I have odd quirks and habits and I know their odd and weird but hey, I’m okay with it. I try to be positive – it’s a choice I try to make every day. I’m not always successful, but I keep trying.

I love dogs and have two at the moment – Lola and Rocky. (I’ve formerly been ‘dog mum’ to Brandi and Portia, RIP). They’re crazy. They’re not too bright. I love them anyway. Dogs are like the purest form of consciousness. they aren’t mean or malicious. They WANT to be happy and content. Or rather, they generally are happy and content and live in the present. I think we can learn a from our four-legged friends! I’ve put the only pic I have of the three of them together below. It’s not the best pic, but it’s hard to get them all in one shot! Rocky [sheltie] doesn’t like anyone or anything other than my sister. Lola [mini dachshund] is hard to capture still unless she’s asleep. Portia [malamute cross] is PHOTOGENIC LIKE WHOA but rarely next to Rocky and Lola at the same time – Portia passed away in August 2015.

My Trio

My Trio

I love music – listening and playing – although I lack the discipline necessary to get as good at the cello as I would like.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cello lessons. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. Better late than never, though.

I get a long really well with my family. I know not everyone has that and I’m really grateful for it!

I have a full time ‘regular’ job in addition to my writing. It’s called Document Control/Asset Management – basically, I make sure people have the right information at the right time. While that may sound boring to some, I enjoy the routine and structure of it.

I like to make stuff up and write it down. But I hesitate to call myself an ‘author.’ I just like to tell stories. I hope people like them as much as I do.  😀

XO – M


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  1. nerdoutwithourwordsout

    Hey there! I’m just dropping by to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award
    Thanks for being awesome!
    Nerd our with our Words out
    You can check out the award here: http://goo.gl/H8R0w
    I hope you’ll consider spreading the love!

    1. Margarita Gakis

      Wow! I’m gobsmacked! Thank you so much! I will definitely spread the word!

      You’ve made me so happy!

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  3. lisa walker

    Obsessed!!!!! Finished “Double Sided Witch” TOO GOOD!!!!!! (or is there such a thing???) Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I think your writing is ABOVE WONDERFUL!!!! (Too many caps and exclamation points, I know, right? But wanted you to know how enjoyable the past 3 days have been immersing myself in your “covencraft world”) So happy to have found your storytelling….you have Shahrazaded me!!! Please keep writing. I am looking forward to future stories!!!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      Oh thank you so much! It means so much to me when people say they liked what I wrote! I’m working on book 4 right now and this is just the boost I needed! 😀

      1. Katy

        Can’t wait for book 4, the series is wonderful!!

        1. margaritagakis Post author

          Thank you! I’m working away on it right now! Along with mildly plotting out a short story for in between books 4 and 5!

  4. Ann

    Would you be interested in donating a signed book for a non profit fundraiser event?

  5. Yvonne Reeder

    I’m really-reading your books, because I love them, and it’s been several years, and I just needed to read them again. ❤️ I am so sorry to read of your emotional stress but encouraged you are working through it. Give yourself whatever time you need and know that I, for one, will still be here waiting and looking forward to your words. God bless!

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      Thank you! Your comment and support mean so much to me and keep me going! Book 6 is in progress! slow, but progress!

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