A Note on Reviews

Oh, reviews! The doubled-edged sword! I want to read them, I don’t want to read them!
I’m extremely grateful whenever anyone takes the time to comment on my work – good or bad. But, I will not respond to reviews on any site. I hope you all understand. I fear two few things:

1. My squishy feelings will get hurt

I put a lot of effort into my work and while I know I’m a work in progress and my writing is also a work in progress, it stings. I could try to extract the constructive from the review but… it’s not easy for me to separate it.

Yeah, this one’s not so great either. I think living in a perpetual state of semi-doubt is actually kind of good for me because it pushes me to try harder.

But as I said, I truly appreciate the time and effort it takes to post a review and I hope that other readers find the reviews helpful in assessing my work.




6 comments on “A Note on Reviews

  1. Bob Scripter

    I’m addicted- please write more, and hurry! (Of course that means ‘finish more books but don’t skimp on the current quality’) Yeah, I know that doesn’t work, but I can wish-
    I read a LOT, and this series (Covencraft) has some great plots! Very original and still well thought through and executed. Love the plot surprises.

    1. margaritagakis Post author

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m working away on book 4 right now! It doesn’t have a title yet, but I’ve a pretty good idea of where I’m going!

      1. Barbara Wickham

        Soooo happy to finally find a reference that there will indeed be a book 4 in your wonderful series! I love your cliff hanger endings, perfect for your reader to want more! Any idea of timing on the next Covencraft book? Anxiously awaiting!

        1. margaritagakis Post author

          Thank you so much! So I’m working on book 4 right now and hope to have the rough draft done by end of November and then time the release for first quarter of next year. I’m so excited to hear that you’re looking forward to it!

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