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10 Things I Hate
Let’s be frank. I could make a list of gazillion things that I hate. I’d never be done. There would always be something new annoying me to add to the list. These are by no means the ten things I hate the most. These are just what are currently on my mind. In no particular order:

10. The women in my office building who use a paper towel to open the bathroom door and then toss that paper towel on the floor. Honestly. were you raised in a barn? it’s SO RUDE.
9. The Jonas Brothers. WTF? Where did you come from and why are you so popular?
8. Flaky Mascara – Sigh. I’ve tried so many and I never get the definition and curliness that I want without the flaky. If I get flake free, then it’s not as define-y.
7. Unexpected, early season re-runs of my favourite tv shows – you know what happens. You sit down 4 episodes into one of your fave shows and they show you a re-run! and it’s OCTOBER. But they do this to save episodes which leads me to my next point…
6. Television season are 22 episodes long. Again, WTF? That’s not even HALF THE YEAR. Get to work, you slobs.
5. Personal Bubble Space Invaders – these are the people that invade my personal bubble. Granted, I have a large bubble, but c’mon, there’s no need to be that close.
4. when radio stations play the same artits more than twice in a day – I listen to the radio at work for 8 hrs a day. Are you saying you can’t find enough differnet people in that time to fill the void?
3. When I make a pot of coffee and then discover there is no cream. Tragic.
2. The back door to my office building – this lock is so picky and tempermental, every morning, I’m CONVINCED they have changed the locks on me.
1. Kid sized shopping carts at the grocery store and the parents that let their kids drive them, – okay, technically that’s two things, but they go hand in hand. There is no reason your child has to be ‘entertained’ at the store. If you have raised them well, they will be good. If you haven’t, it’s your fault, not theirs, and why am I paying for it?



I was, and am, a HUGE X-File fan, an X-Phile, as we are sometimes known. Just the other day, I saw that I could buy entire seasons for 19.99. Considering that some tv shows are 85 bux a season [Hello Torchwood, you’re devilishly good, but alas, also a BBC import] seeing X-Files for 19.99 BLEW MY MIND. I had to carefully do a little research first to decide which seasons were absolute MUSTS and would be the first on my list. I finally settled on seasons 5 and 7, with seasons 4 and 6 the next in line to be purchased [prolly next week. – it may seem weird to space my purchases a week apart but it makes me feel less like I’m hemmorhaging money and more like I’m being responsible and weighing my purchases. So sue me].

I settled down in my bed tonight to watch an epi.

I knew it was a good show, but honestly, I had forgotten just how good the writing could be!
I haven’t seen the new movie yet. I used to have a friend who was as much of a fan as me and every Sunday night, we would gather at her place and get hamburgers from out and excitedly hunker down on her floor [she didn’t have alot of furniture] and watch new eps, but sadly we lost touch. I’ve tried to find her on facebook, but no luck. And no one else I know is as into it as I am. So I haven’t gotten around to going to the movie yet. I’ll either take myself some saturday afternoon, or wait until it comes out on DVD and curl up with some munchies and watch it late at night, in the dark [as it is always best to do with the X-Files].
When I see the current crap that is on tv [yes, I address you, reality tv shows] it makes me sad. Sigh.

I love McDonalds. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved McDonalds. I won’t accept any trash talk about it.
What people most say is after they eat it, they feel sick. This has never happened to me. Everyone said that once I started eating healthy and swore of the McDonalds, when I went back, I’d notice how crappy I felt. Everyone talked about the movie Super Size Me, and I gotta say, I really didn’t give a crap. It’s not like I was going to have it three times a day for an entire month anyway.

Well, as it happened, I was off the Mickey D’s for SIX WEEKS. Going to bootcamp, I wanted to see results, so I didn’t indulge in the golden arches once. Not ONCE. I once mentioned to my bootcamp trainer that I loved McDonalds and that it never made me feel sick, and she said I should have it once and then come to bootcamp the next day and I would notice how crappy I felt and how hard it was to work out.

So there I was on Saturday, six weeks off the Mickey D’s. So I went. and I got a big mac and fries with a large coke.

And you know what?

Everyone was WRONG! I felt fine. Better than fine since I’d had my Big Mac Fix. I didn’t have a sick tummy, I didn’t feel sluggish. Didn’t feel all yucky, and the next morning I went for a run with Jenge, Natalie, Rocky and Portia and had one of the best runs of my training.

Fracking liars. All of you! You’ll never get me to turn on my Chez Ron!