Monthly Archives: November 2006

Heh heh, oops.
So maybe I was a little hasty with my former blog. Maybe I didn’t have a technical malfunction. Maybe a couple of cords got really tangled and I was plugging the camera cord into the camera, and then my ipod cord into the computer.


I hate when I spark off about something and end up being wrong.

So here’s the pic of the chair. I leave you with the following details:

One sister goes upstairs.
One sister stays down.
There is a crash! A squeal! No reply to “Are you okay?”
And then faintly through laughter a small voice is heard. “Help.”
One sister has to pry the other out of said chair by tipping it sideways and dumping her out.
There is much laughter.
Jenge thinks she will recover with only a few bruises.
The chair cannot be saved.


F$%KING Technology!
You’re supposed to be looking at a picture I just took right now. You’re supposed to be reading along to a VERY FUNNY story involving Me, Jenge and a chair that continues to break, yet we continue to use (I know, you’re DYIN’ for details). I even took a picture to illustrate.

Unfortunately, my camera is currently not speaking to my computer. Something about one of them said the other one was a luddite and then the other got really mad and now refuses to work.

Damn technology!


A Trip to the Medium
Maybe I think too much. Here’s the deal… I found out the name of a Calgarian medium and Jenge and I decided to go. After Jenge and I went, Chantal, Sandi, Corinne, Donna and Ann went, along with some of Jenge’s co-workers.

After hearing everyone’s stories of their visits, I’ve found the following:
1. Two different people got told shoe stories
2. Two different people got told about tomatoes
3. Two different people got told they had healing energies for animals
4. Two different people got told about roses
5. Two different people got told about sweet peas
6. Two different people got told that their back hurts because of their shoes

The interesting thing is, it’s never the same two people. Am I just being overly analytical or does this seem strange? Is my brain working too hard on this? I mean, the medium told us lots of other stuff that was very specific to each individual and didn’t overlap, but I seem to be stuck on the overlapping stuff.

Am I being too thinky thinky on this?


Winter. . .again.

I was out walking the dogs the other day and taking some pictures so I could scrapbook winter. Winter is very pretty. Snow covered trees look pristine, everything looks fresh and crisp with a blanket of snow.

I don’t mind the snow and the cold, unless it’s windy in which case, I can’t stand it. And traffic sucks too. But on the weekends, I like looking out the window and seeing a white, snow covered, frosty world.


Not everybody dislikes Winter!

Portia loves the snow. She goes outside on the patio and lies down with her belly snuggled against all that coldness. She’d stay out there all day if Rocky didn’t come inside. She hates to be outside alone, so as soon as Rocky comes in she cries at the door. But while she’s out there, she loves it!


A bad case of Ennui

Oh, the ennui of it all! I’m barely able to keep up with all my appointments (wake my mother up by slapping her across the face with a paw, breakfast, napping, turn over, napping, move with the sun, napping, dinner, napping etc etc). Thank GOD my mother booked me in a doggie spa this weekend, I really need to get away from it all. . .


I saw on the news and read this morning (Scientific American: More than 40 dolphins die in Mozambique beaching) about these dolphins that had beached themselves. It’s so bizarre. What causes them to do this? Do they know something we don’t? Is it a message? A portent? Or does something just go beserk in their brains and they get a case of mass hysteria/mob mentality? I don’t know why I am so fascinated by this, but I am. I can’t stop thinking about those dolphins.