Craft Ho Redux!

Okay, so you already know I am a Craft Ho. I scrapbook, make my own cards, knit. And I’m a type A personality who can’t wait to start projects. So where does this leave me?

I’ll tell you where this leaves me. It leaves me at 10pm at night trying desperately to find a place in Calgary that has a set of Size 17 inch Double pointed needles!

Honestly, my heart rate is up and so is my blood pressure, because I’ve already started knitting and I’m at the point where I need to switch to those needles and I. CAN’T. FIND. THEM.

I could go ebay, but that might take weeks! Same with a yarn store I found online! My only option left is to call the other yarn/knitting stores in town tomorrow to see if they carry them.

And if you’re thinking, oh, try Michael’s! I say to you, get out of the kiddie pool you freak. As if I haven’t already. I already had to buy a set of size 15 -25″ circular needles and MacGyver them (ie cut them down to 16″ and then tape together) cuz they didn’t have that either! Craft superstore my a$$!

Now to you, this is not serious. This is prolly quite amusing (and possibly a little frightening given my reaction), but to me, this is hard core, nerve-wracking, heart-palpatating business. I use my crafts to relax, DAMMIT!! AND WITHOUT THEM I CAN’T RELAX!! I HAVE BEAUTIFUL ALPACA YARN BEGGING TO BE KNIT. I HAVE CHOSEN MY COLORS METICULOUSLY. I NEED MY NEEDLES! SOB!

The next person to tell me this is not really a big deal is getting a knitting needle shoved up their nose. And then we’ll see how serious this is!


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