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Like, no way!

There’s a shortage of workers right now in Calgary. We’re so booming that it’s tough for retail businesses to get peeps to work for them. Consequently, we’re tapping a younger and younger workforce. I had the longest checkout experience of my life last night at Safeway. My cashier was 15 at best, as was the courtesy clerk.

Being really thirsty, I had picked up a Snapple and when I got to the till, I asked her to scan it first so I could crack it open and start drinking it. The clerk said to me, “I like never wait to get it scanned. My boyfriend and I like open them like up, and then we like, drink half of it and then when we like get to the till, we’re like, oh, do we have to like, pay for this? and they are always like, ya and we’re like, well whatever. This one time we got, like, kicked out of the store and told, like, not to come back but we went back and she was, like, didn’t I kick you out and we were like, uh I dunno, whatever!”

I kid you not. Then the cashier started talking about someone batting a light bulb and being afraid that it was going to fall and break on the bed and I swear to god, I didn’t know if she was talking about her boyfriend or her cat until she summed up the entire story with:

“Sigh – Boys are, like, soooooooo stupid.”

And they wouldn’t stop talking to me. Even as I was trying to grab my receipt and walk away. I swear she was holding it hostage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to still talk like a valley girl at my ripe old age of 31, but these girls. . . It was a whole different language with different social cues. As soon as one started talking about her boyfriend, the other one had to top that story. And then that story had to get topped and then they would look at each other with partially blank stares. And I wanted to reach over and start scanning my own groceries.

Longest checkout experience of my life!


Spring has Sprung
Forget the Farmer’s almanac. Pay no attention to the ground hog. Don’t listen to the meteorologist. The best indication that spring is finally here has officially happened!

Portia has started ‘blowing’ her coat.
That’s what it’s called when a dog starts losing thier winter undercoat due to warmer weather. Last night, Portia and I sat down for her groomies (which she LOVES!!) and instead of the usual ten minutes, it took me almost thirty! I kept getting more and more hair – the thick, dense white fluffy hair underneath her multicolored fur. I came away with enough to build a whole other Portia!
Rocky has no coat to blow since Jenge got him trimmed short for summer when we came back from Mexico. That’s his new haircut to the left. Doesn’t he look sharp?

TV Junkie

My name is Squirrelly girly and I am a tv junkie.

I love to watch tv. Good shows, bad shows – it doesn’t really matter. I find alot of people these days turn their noses up at TV. They say there’s nothing good on, it’s all crap – to which I reply – you must be a boring person with no personality if you can’t find at least one show you tune in weekly to watch. TV is kinda like magazines – there is something for everyone! Not that it’s all good. Some of it’s bad. Some of it’s so bad, it makes it full circle and becomes good again! Some of the shows Jenge and I watch, we spend the entire hour ripping apart the story, the dialogue the scenery – but we have a blast doing it. Here’s a list of what I’m currently watching:
1. Stargate SG-1
2. Battlestar Galactica
3. 24 (I’m new to it this season so for those of you who say that this year sux, I don’t know any better!)
4. Grey’s Anatomy
5. Supernatural
6. Numbers
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Bones
9. CSI’s – I watch them all in re-runs on Spike TV and the History channel.
10. Discover Civilization channel – you can find out so much by watching this! Of course, none of it will ever come in handy, but damn! I’m like an expert on the Egyptian Culture of the Apis Bull now!

I’ve also been known to tune into several movie channels just for the hell of it. Last night I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (seriously, can you get better looking than Paul Newman? Not humanly possible) and Son of Frankenstein (Jenge came down halfway and was like “Is this supposed to be funny?” and I said, well no – it was made in the 30’s and was quite serious then but now we view it as kinda campy).

There’s nothing like a weekend of veggin out in front of the telly. Currently, Jenge is watching the Lost World on Space. In her own words, it’s kinda bad, but I sat down and watched a couple of minutes anyway.

So stand up, tv junkies and be proud!


Best Vaycay Ever!

Well, I’m back from my vacation. The laundry is complete, the suitcase is unpacked and all is back to normal.


It was the best vacation ever!

We stayed in an all inclusive resort – The Samba. The staff was wonderful, the food was good, the drinks were free. What more can I say?

Jenge and I went on 3 excursions as well. On Monday we went Zip-lining (so awesome and we have pictures to prove it!). On Thursday, we went swimming with dolphins and sea lions (that’s Monico above, such a sweetie pie! He gave us all a kiss). On Friday, we went for a jeep ride through the Sierra Madres, topped off by a barbeque on a private beach and then tequila shots on the ride back. Fantastic! I also went kayaking (first time ever! and I have the scars to prove it!) and on the Sierra Madre tour, Jenge got to hold a tarantula and let it climb up her shoulder!

Jenge had to give serious consideration at the end of the tour about whether or not she was going to chuck it all back in Calgary and stay in Puerto Vallarta and become a dolphin trainer. In the end, she decided that it would be too hot for Rocky.



Whoo hoo! My vacation is finally here! I’m packed up to spend a fun filled, sunny week somewhere in Mexico.

Don’t know exactly where. Why you ask? Because in trying to “grow” as a person, I have left all the travel details to Jenge. She booked us, knows where we are staying, knows the buffet menu, has been buying our stuff for us, booked the puppies in a doggy resort and has all my tickets.

Normally, I would be online right about now researching my vacation, planning out my days, getting maps of the city, seeing the hotel on its website but this time it’s Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Her-Pants Gita who’s in charge!

Ack! I hope it all works out!


Calendar Girl
Yes, mes amis, it’s that time of year again. The time where Stage Mother Gita comes out full force and shines her baby up! It’s time for the 2008 ARF Calendar Submissions!
This is OUR year! I KNOW it!