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Who will save you?

Here’s the situation…. Something freakishly paranormal happens to you. Who do you chose to investigate and solve the case?

  • Mulder and Scully – Work well together, are licensed to carry guns, Want to find the truth. Plus they generally get the job done unless it involves Cigarette Smoking Man in which case you are screwed.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester – Oh so pretty to look at, but they are not so much in it for the “truth/curing the ails of the world” as they are in it for the “My dad used to do this/my girlfriend was killed by the paranormal so I have huge emotional baggage and must continue this line of work” motive. But as I said, oh so pretty to look at.
  • Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop and Olivia what’s her name from Fringe – hmm. Too new to tell if I want them on the job. I mean, they are getting the job done, but Peter is also carrying a whack of personal baggage and so may not be that into helping me.
  • The Scooby Doo gang – Generally get the job done while looking good. Plus added bonus of Scooby Snacks. and it’s fun to say “Jinkies!” like Velma. Daphne could give you hair and clothing tips. You could just ask Fred if he’s gay.
  • Torchwood – Well, they get the job done, and Jack’s pretty cute, but you’d have to watch Tosh pine over Owen. And Jack would be okay with killing you if that’s what it took to stop the paranomal event from happening and save all of Cardiff.

IMHO, I’m going for Mulder and Scully.


Message from the President

I know I don’t post very often. As president of Secret Doggie Council, it is hard to find the time to post, but I do try. I’m posting today for a very special reason. I know many of you get very excited when you see me out on my jog, either with my Mummy Jennifer, or my surrogate, Mummy Margarita. While I’ve always tried to make myself an available president, I must ask that you respect my walkies and don’t address me at this time. You see…


Please. Restrain yourself. Yes, I am that soft. Yes, my billy-goat’s-gruff is like buttah. Yes, my ears are that perky and tender. But I am BUSY. I CANNOT STOP TO CHAT.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next Secret Doggie Council Meeting.

The President.


Another list
It’s week 6 of my second round of bootcamp. Last Friday, I ran for 35 minutes without stopping. Today I ran to the stairs, went up and down them twice, and still was able to run back to the beginning.

We start our third round of bootcamp on Monday. Here’s what I have learned over the last two sessions:

1. You can go farther than you think you can.
2. You might not want to go farther. Sometimes you just want to stop. But you can shut up and do it anyway.
3. to get better, you always have to push yourself. And that’s uncomfortable most of the time.
4. It is worth it to get better. But man, somedays, it’s really hard to remember that.
5. The last five minutes is when it counts the most.
6. Some days, it’s just gonna suck. But that’s okay, because…..
7. Some days, you really feel great about yourself! And the world! and the person next to you! and… okay, you get the idea.
8. Sometimes, ice cream really is worth it.
9. Good running shoes really do make a difference.
10. no one at bootcamp cares what you look like while you are working out.


10 Things I love

In an effort to be [slightly] less negative, I thought I would counter the last post of 10 random things I hated with 10 random things I love. Once again, not a comprehensive list, nor the best of the best. Just a random list
10. A really good stretch after bootcamp. Feels so good!
9. Heinz Ketchup
8. Waking up and realizing I still have tons of time left to sleep. Or that it’s saturday!
7. Running my hands under hot water when my fingers are cold.
6. new lipsmackers. Preferably purchased in a party pack of 10.
5. Crave Cupcakes.
4. The smell of fresh laundry
3. being smack dab in the middle of a really good book – I’m invested in the characters and there’s still a whole lot of book left for me to enjoy.
2. new socks
1. how I feel after I’ve filled up on gasoline. I hate actually going to the gas station, but I feel so good about myself when I have a full tank of gas!