All Shopped Up!
Well, my yearly shopping quota was low but my trip to Great Falls, MT, topped me up for the year. The girls and I had a FABULOUS time!

We left Friday at 4.30 and made it to Great Falls around 9.30ish. After some quick nibbles at the Tony Roma’s we donned our suits and headed for some hot tub time. Ahhhhhhh, so relaxing after the drive (during which it rained Cats and Dogs! Kudos to Heidi for driving through it!)

The next morning at 9.30, we fueled up at breakfast and set our game plan: Harley Davidson store (for Donna to pick something up), craft store (for me), Target and then the mall. The craft store was a dissapointment to me since I had a list of stuff I had taken off their website, but the store had less than 10% of their online stock. However, we did pick up some super cute Vintage Vogue patterns (for sewing) which Heidi informed us were so cheap they were practically illegal! (3.00USD compared to 33.00 CAD. Yes, you read that correctly)

Then we hit Target. We found lots of good buys and I did some heavy duty Mastercard damage. After that – the mall. In an unbelievable turn of events, the mall’s food court wouldn’t have even impressed a defector from 1980’s Communist Russia (a subway, an orange julius and the Posh Taco – which was so far below Posh that words fail to describe it). We ate at the Posh Taco and then hit Sears, Herbergers, JC Penny, Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. All in all, we finished at 5.30 and stopped for Starbucks. Yum. Starbucks. I navigate around the world by where the Starbucks’ are. Heidi had the best “Discount” total. Regular price 125.00, Heidi paid 13.00. Gotta love a sale!!

We had a world-class dinner at the Beargrass Grille. I had the stuffed pork tenderloin, Donna had the Ahi Tuna, and Heidi had Salmon. All of us had too much wine. At one point, we were laughing so hard we couldn’t speak! And then it was off to the Tiki Bar known as The Sip and Dip, where there is a glass pool (like the kind you see at Sea World or the Zoo) where people dress up like mermaids and wave through the glass. We were treated to a mer-man who spent his breaks chatting Donna up. I won at the VLT’s and at the end of the evening, we’re not quite sure how, our bar tab was only $24.00. And we’d been drinking for hours. SCORE!! We cabbed it back to the hotel, Heidi passed out, Donna and I ate Cheetos and then donned our suits for one more trip to the hot tub. We finally crashed into bed at 3 but were suprisingly not hung-over the next day (Donna and Me – Heidi was hurtin’). We hit the shoe store, the Michael’s, the Old Navy and the grocery store and then it was back home to Canada! I missed the puppies terribly, and it made me so happy to see how happy Portia was to see me! GREAT WEEKEND!!


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  1. karen

    Oh Gita! I had an Auntie who used to live in Great Falls.. I think I need me a shopping trip there ASAP! Mmmm… shopping….

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