Dream Journal

I wouldn’t say all my dreams are nightmares but a lot of them are intricate and sometimes distressing. I don’t mind as much now that I’m an adult as I did when I was younger, but I do like to track them as I sometimes end up mining them for writing! I’ll be keeping short notes on them here, in the Dream Journal.


Dream Journal Entry #1
I am leaving a party at a pub/bar. I’m not happy about being at the party and I’m so over it. there was a line up at the bathroom and I couldn’t push my way to the front even though I’d been there first and people were just taking my spot. I’m done. I think I’ve lost my cigarettes too. We go to leave the party and I get separated from the group. I notice I’m being followed. I start to run away and these strange people chase me. It occurs to me that I’ve got powers and I should use them. I try to use my powers to push them away but they end up using my abilities against me. In a panic, I use my abilities in a way I haven’t before and I’m travelling quickly through the air, hitting trees and not able to get high enough above them. I land somewhere, I’m not sure where and find myself in a coffee shop. It’s cold and grey. I’m trying not to be noticed. I know my friends are coming for me but I’m not sure how they found out where I am. My friends arrive and I’m stunned to realize I’ve travelled so far on my abilities. They had to take a plane to find me. I try to explain what happened and how the people who chased me used my magic against me. And how they ended up at one point seeming like tall, thin, oddly bent people. I have a boyfriend in the group and he’s glad I’m okay. My abilities start to go haywire and it’s a transmutation or transportation ability and I’m flipping from place to place, unable to control it and then so is he and then I’ve pulled in others and now they’re all getting mashed up into one person and I can’t separate them. I’m not even sure how I’m doing it.


Dream Journal Entry #2
I have this doll and her name is Abigail and I start yelling at her to wake up. WAKE UP, ABIGAIL. WAKE UP. As I do, she slowly starts to transform from some kind of Cabbage Patch like doll to a real toddler. After she’s done transforming, I pick her up and start carrying her around, but I warn her if she’s naughty I’ll turn her back into a doll.

I go out of the house and head toward this food van where I can hear crying coming from the inside. They have another one of my doll-become-toddler things and I have to check in on it. When I knock on the van, I don’t know how to introduce myself so I say, “Its mother is here.” and I hear them repeat it and then say “Tell it to stop crying. Its mother is here.”

The door to the van slides open and there is another toddler type baby thing in a chair and I swap it out for Abigail. It’s her turn in the van and now I take this one to the next place. I never get there so I don’t know what happened next.

Dream Journal Entry #3
I dreamed last night I was some kind of timeless, immortal woman who had captured some people in the upper floor of this grand old house. They had all agreed to enter the floor, but they didn’t know that as soon as they agreed, they were trapped there until I let them go – everyone was now immortal in this place. It was like a large apartment suite – the kind you would see in a really old castle or townhouse.
I was kind of dressed like I was from the 1920s. I had a sort of manservant that was outside the apartment suite, or the Tea Room, as I kept calling it. He could bring us [or rather ME since he only did stuff for me] things from the outside world. He brought liquor and food [although we required none] and would take my things out to be drycleaned. he was dying of some kind of cancer and I was going to miss him terribly once he passed.

The people I had trapped with me were angry, scared and at times violent. I was more… amused or entertained by this than anything else. I don’t know what I was planning. I do know that at one point, I curled up in this big easy chair – and this chair, I had the knowledge, used to be in some sort of a men’s club back in time. I opened one of the side pouches and foudn some cigarettes and lit one. As I sat there, one of the women I was keeping hostage came and sat in the chair next to me and I said something like “How easy it would have been to be a man back then. With items like this at your disposal, everywhere you went.” and I was so angry at how hard it had been to be a woman in history.

I had several lovely things picked up from drycleaning by my servant and my hostages ended up playing around in them like kids playing dress up. capes, hats, big scarves and feathers. This also amused me. They thought my things were so extravagant.

There was on person who said he wanted to leave, and he demanded it. he was escorted to a weird kind of old fashioned elevator and one of the other hostages went with him, saying he could accompany him on his trip down, but wouldn’t be leaving with him. As the elevator descended, it was consumed by fire, and the man who wanted to leave [he was young, maybe 20 or so?] turned to paper money and then to ash, only his mind was still present and he had this knowledge that he would be burning ashes for the rest of eternity. the fragments of him fell through the bottom of the elevator grate and then the elevator rose again, with the other man who had accompanied the younger, now ash one, coming back to the Tea Room.

There were large bay windows for one section and you could see the world outside, but they could not see in.


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  1. Rosemarie Bartz

    Hi Margarita,
    Thought I would send you a quick note to see how you are doing? It has been over a year since I was in the office. I am sure lots has changed over there. Hope you and your family are all doing well. Hope you are still able to write. Like so many others I am looking forward to book 6.
    Take care and I hope to see more books from you soon.

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