The Big, Fat, Puppy Version of FU (and I don’t mean Felix Unger!)

So. Yeah. Portia’s been peeing on the carpet again. Is it because she’s crying and I don’t wake up? I don’t know. But Mummy Jennifer has decided it’s time for the hammer to fall. “She sleeps in your room, or in her kennel. None of this traipsing around the house all night.”

Sniff. Kay. You would never guess I’m the older sister. But I do agree with Jenge. It’s just that I’m a softie!!

So I bring Portia upstairs last night and set up the baby gate to keep her from going downstairs. This morning, she cries. I groggily stumble out of bed, stop off at Jenge’s room to get Rocky and the three of us head downstairs.

I go to the laundry room to turn off the alarm and when I step back out (all of 2 seconds later) she is peeing on the carpet RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! STARING ME IN THE EYE! I was so stunned a made sort of a ‘glick’ sound and then stammered: SHAME! SHAME ON YOU!! SHAME! SHAME!!

Like she cares. She’s already sauntered over to the food bowl and is looking at me as if to say ‘Why is there no kibble in her yet, bee-atch?’

She didn’t even care!! And I was two seconds from opening the door and letting her out!! You telling me she couldn’t even wait two seconds!! Glick!!

She totally flipped me off in dog language!! She didn’t even CARE!!


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