Can you afford $20 bucks a month? Can any of us afford not to?

I watched Anderson Cooper 360 this week because Angelina Jolie was on. She was discussing her refugee work. It was unbelievable. Anderson Cooper was also talking about the things he had seen. Things I can’t even type. Horrible acts against humanity.

In a world that goes to war over oil, how can we stand by silent as atrocities are being committed against our fellow human beings? How do the leaders of the world sleep at night knowing these things are going on and that not enough is being done? 6 million people without a home, without a country to protect them. Jenge and I sat in stunned silence the entire time, the only sound being when something so horrible was said or shown that a sort of choked exclamation escaped our lips.

Children kidnapped and brainwashed. Forced to become killing machine soldiers before reaching puberty. Women assaulted so horrendously they will never physically recover, to say nothing of the emotional toll. Families torn apart and people starving. Starving! Look around you! How much waste do we have that they would be grateful one hundred times over to have?

So, if you think you can affaord 15, 20 or 25 dollars a month, sign up to make a donation with the UN High Council for Refugees . If you can’t afford to make a donation, tell everyone you know about this, maybe they can afford to donate. And if they can’t, tell them to tell everyone they know. Because the worst thing we can do is what we’ve been doing. Staying silent.


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