6:02 pm – Leave Bootcamp a sweaty, tomato face disaster.

6:29pm – park car in garage. Walk in door. say hi to puppies.

6:30pm – make messy ponytail more messy so it looks “On Purpose” messy and not just “WTF” messy.

6:31 – 6:35 – shower. Get all make up off so I can put new makeup on.

6:35 – put feather and rhinestone clip on top of ponytail. Adjust.

6:36 – concealer and powder

6:37 – eyeshadow and mascara

6:38 – tinted chapstick

6:39 – put on clothes, spritz perfume. Search for earrings. Screw earrings, can’t find matching pair, go with jumbo ring.Go back downstairs.

6:40 – And  I still have time to update Twitter AND my blog AND check my facebook AND email before it’s time to leave.

It can be done my beauties. I even have a glitter shirt on and a peacock feather on my hair clip.


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