So, Jenge and I decided to hire a dog walker. She will come twice a week and suit up all three dogs for a half hour walk.

Yesterday was her first day.

My mum emailed me when the dog walker came to get them, and then again, half an hour later when she returned.

Someone got a bad report card.

Was it Portia? Known for trolling for garbage and trying to chase rabbits?


Was it Rocky? Who barks non stop for the first 20 minutes of a walk? and also likes to chase large trucks?


Nay, the dog walker said that it was Lola. Lola!

LolaThe Dog walker wrote that she was “Ill Behaved” and that her behavior would be “unacceptable” in a large dog.


So guess who has to have special training lessons now.

I’m so embarrassed! Lola!

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Last Modified: August 25, 2009

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