Feeling like a Princess!

Okay, so if you’re here for the fiction, this is not a post for you.

But if you love makeup like me, THIS IS YOUR JAM, Y’ALL.

I recently ordered some lipstick from Holt Renfrew. In my neck of the woods, Holts is like… the highest of the high end. You dream about shopping at Holts. You resent those that do. But it’s because you’re so jelly.

But I decided to TREAT MY SELF

I ordered three Lips and Boys from Tom Ford and a Charlotte Tilbury. OMG, I felt SO EXTRAVAGANT AND DECADENT.


A BOX WITHIN A BOX. And that second box, hot pink and TIED WITH A RIBBON.  IMG_4508
And then I opened that and there was a little envelope with my receipt and shipping return label – AS IF I WOULD EVER RETURN LIPSTICK.


AND THEN a little sticker keeping the tissue paper closed.

INSERT CHOIRS OF ANGELS SINGING (okay, there is one lipstick missing from this pic and that’s because I HAD TO PULL IT OUT TO WEAR IT IMMEDIATELY. it smelled like vanilla bubblegum and I LOVE IT SO MUCH *sobs into her hanky)IMG_4512

LOOK AT THE PACKAGING (Yes, I’m totes abusing caps lock at this point, BUT THIS IS ALL CAPS LOCK WORTHY)IMG_4513



This, hands down, MADE MY DAY, MY WEEK, perhaps even my month. SO PRETTY. so much fun unwrapping! So lovely to hold, and smell and wear! I haven’t worn the TIlbury yet but the TF is a DREAM. The Lips and Boys collection is smaller than normal size, which makes me a little sad, but VANILLA BUBBLEGUM SMELL. OMG. I CAN’T.

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From Zero to Hero – a speedy beauty timeline

6:02 pm – Leave Bootcamp a sweaty, tomato face disaster.

6:29pm – park car in garage. Walk in door. say hi to puppies.

6:30pm – make messy ponytail more messy so it looks “On Purpose” messy and not just “WTF” messy.

6:31 – 6:35 – shower. Get all make up off so I can put new makeup on.

6:35 – put feather and rhinestone clip on top of ponytail. Adjust.

6:36 – concealer and powder

6:37 – eyeshadow and mascara

6:38 – tinted chapstick

6:39 – put on clothes, spritz perfume. Search for earrings. Screw earrings, can’t find matching pair, go with jumbo ring.Go back downstairs.

6:40 – And  I still have time to update Twitter AND my blog AND check my facebook AND email before it’s time to leave.

It can be done my beauties. I even have a glitter shirt on and a peacock feather on my hair clip.