Feel the burn!
So, I had my first chemical facial peel on Friday. I’m new to this whole thing, having only had two facials in my entire life. I kinda expected it to be like them. About an hour, a lot of stuff going on that I don’t see since my eyes are closed, some facial massage, some cream, dorky hair from a hairband and there you have it. In the interest of those who want to know, here is the skinny:

It took about 10 minutes, burned like a mofo and left me yellow for the rest of the day [which I worked, thank you very much!]. Apparently, I was yellow from the retinol A which is to be expected. From Friday at 2pm onward, I looked like I had a moderate sunburn. By Saturday night, I had started to peel. I foolishly thought that the one layer that peeled off by Sunday would be it.

On Monday, I returned to work somewhat self conciously, wishing I could wear a sign that said “I had a chemical peel.” However, by today, I was doing much better and someone actually commented on how nice my skin looked! [NB – they did not know I had done anything, so this was a genuine compliment]. By tonight, I think [hope!] I am done peeling. I must say, my skin tone is almost totally even, except for a few red patches, but it is much better than my pre-peel face which was kinda dull looking and blotchy. I feel like I have a really nice glow now. In three weeks, I have another one scheduled, and then a microdermabrasion after that.

Am feeling very diva-ish this week, since I had my peel on friday, I have a pedicure tomorrow and my nails are getting done on Thursday. Hey, when it’s just you and the Portiacakes, you can spend your money how you want!


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