The Urge to Purge
I’ve never been much of a cleaner, let alone a spring cleaner. But this year, something has shifted and I have the sudden urge to spring clean my entire house. Maybe it’s the fact that Char decided to reno the office and purge all our old stuff for new. Maybe it’s just time. I’m not sure.

I’ve started with my office/scrapbooking area. I’ve already taken out two bags of garbage and ordered some shelves and storage for my stuff. I’ve cleaned out the closet and neatly stacked the things I want/need to keep.

I went through my clothes and have about a bag and a half for charity. I’m foregoing my usual method of packing it up for a year, taking it out again, deciding if I missed it and then taking it to charity. This time, the bag is ready to go, and it’s just going to go.

I find myself wandering around the house wondering what else I can purge. I open drawers, cupboards, checking to see if there’s anything in them that I can clean, junk, pack away or file. I’m sure there’s tons more I could do, but I really don’t know where to begin. Jenge and I already had the Junk guys here in June and we purged a bunch then [in preparation for our basement renos] but I still feel like there’s more to go and I’m not sure if the feeling is coming from a physical need to purge or an emotional need.

I do know that Portia gets very nervous when I start tossing stuff. She follows me around, watching everything go in the bag. And then she sighs loudly before padding off softly, her head low.


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  1. Anonymous

    perhaps portia thinks she too will be purged///

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