‘Scott Baio is 45…. and Single’ is a reality show staring, you guessed it, Scott Baio as he meets up with former girlfriends and asks why they broke up. He is joined in his journey by a life coach.

Seriously. I’m a writer, and even I can’t make this stuff up. I got the pic above from his official website.
I know.
I must say, Scott Baio is part of an elite group in my brain. The ‘I wouldn’t touch you decked out in a full CDC Hazmat suit with radiation gloves and a dedicated oxygen suppy’ group. This group is populated by: Colin Farrel, Richard Greico and Scott Baio. Group memebership is open, so I can add new/old celebreties as they become available/popular.
When I heard about this show, I thought, nah, can’t be! When will I learn that in Hollywood, there is no bottom of the barrel, there is just another barrel beneath the one they are working on and when they get to it and start to scrape the bottom, they find a secret hatch with a whole other barrel underneath.

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  1. Jengie

    What is really scary is that is one of the more classier photo’s that I have seen of him. Yuck.

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