And We’re Off!
It has finally arrived! Ashleigh and I are off to our first writer’s conference. I’m flying out to Vancouver to stay with Ashleigh and then it’s 3 fun filled days of conference stuff (how to write effective dialogue! How to create suspense! How to get published!) and 1 fun filled day of hanging out with Ash.

Even though Ashleigh and I were separated at birth, we’ve not actually met in person, so this should be super fun! We work together and email and msn nearly every day, but have never had face time.

And I haven’t been back to Vancouver since I was there in 2002 (I think – don’t you hate how when you get older you lose track of what year you did what?). I’m looking forward to seeing some stompin grounds! and the IHOP – sorry jenge, if I could bring it back for you, I would!


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