A Guy Named Jack

I was talking with Jenge the other day, and I asked her, what is it with the name Jack? It seems to be Hollywood’s de riguer response to a character that needs a solid name. A man of action, yet one who may be slightly emotionally tortured and probably carries some emotional baggage. A guys guy. Someone the men in your life wanna be him and wanna hang out with him – have a couple of beers with the guy. The women want to date him – possibly rescue him, depending on the situation. I’m so over JACK! I’ve decided I’m NEVER using the name in any of my books.

Think I’m nuts? Check out my list:

Jack Ryan – The Hunt for Red October
Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Carribean
Jack Traven – Keanu Reeves in Speed
Jack Twist – Brokeback Mountain
Jack Bauer – 24
Jack Bristow – Sydney’s dad on Alias
Jack O’neill – Richard Dean Anderson on Stargate
Jack Shephard – Matthew Fox on Lost
Jack Tripper – Three’s Company
Jack Malone – Without a trace
Jack Dawson – Titanic

It only took me 5 minutes to make that list. imagine if I had really tried….


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  1. Jengie

    Don’t forget about Jack-ass. Porita wants to add Jack Russel Terrier.

  2. Jenge

    Jack be nimble, jack and the beanstalk. jack and jill

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