The Evolution of Hand Gestures

And for all of you hoping this blog is about dirty, obscene hand gestures, keep surfing my friends. No, what I’m talking about is our outdated handsignals for stuff we never do anymore. Like phone.

I like the phone hand gesture. I’ll see if I can describe it, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. One hand, up by your face. Your thumb is the ear piece, your pinky the talky part, and the rest of your hand is presumably, the phone. You can do this hand gesture across a great distance while mouthing “Call me.” Although the mouthing part is optional since everyone knows what the gesture means.

But what’s the getsure for “Text me?” “Email me?” “Check out my Blog?”

I got nothing that doesn’t involve holding both hands in front of yourself typing away on an imaginary keyboard. Not nearly as cool and sleek as the Call Me gesture.


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