Who’s makin’ all the money?
The Canadian dollar is currently slightly above the US dollar. For weeks, months, it has been slowly on the rise, until finally, it surpassed it.

But I’ve yet to see any difference in my online shopping sites. Which is why I’ve jettisoned my .ca sites and am now shopping .com.

Who’s making all the money?

If my dollar is currently as good, nay better (!) than it’s US counterpart, why on earth would I pay 21.95 for a book at Amazon.ca that will cost me 14.95 at Amazon.com?

Jenge and I have wanted a Dyson vaccuum for a while, and while LnT is offering it for 500.00, online browsing has shown it to me for 350.00. Slap on 50 bux shipping and handling, I’m still coming out with 100 bux extra in my wallet if I buy from the US.


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