Whoo hoo! My vacation is finally here! I’m packed up to spend a fun filled, sunny week somewhere in Mexico.

Don’t know exactly where. Why you ask? Because in trying to “grow” as a person, I have left all the travel details to Jenge. She booked us, knows where we are staying, knows the buffet menu, has been buying our stuff for us, booked the puppies in a doggy resort and has all my tickets.

Normally, I would be online right about now researching my vacation, planning out my days, getting maps of the city, seeing the hotel on its website but this time it’s Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-Her-Pants Gita who’s in charge!

Ack! I hope it all works out!


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  1. Mark Fournier

    You picked a great week to leave. Nothing like snow in April. Have a mojito for me.

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