TV Junkie

My name is Squirrelly girly and I am a tv junkie.

I love to watch tv. Good shows, bad shows – it doesn’t really matter. I find alot of people these days turn their noses up at TV. They say there’s nothing good on, it’s all crap – to which I reply – you must be a boring person with no personality if you can’t find at least one show you tune in weekly to watch. TV is kinda like magazines – there is something for everyone! Not that it’s all good. Some of it’s bad. Some of it’s so bad, it makes it full circle and becomes good again! Some of the shows Jenge and I watch, we spend the entire hour ripping apart the story, the dialogue the scenery – but we have a blast doing it. Here’s a list of what I’m currently watching:
1. Stargate SG-1
2. Battlestar Galactica
3. 24 (I’m new to it this season so for those of you who say that this year sux, I don’t know any better!)
4. Grey’s Anatomy
5. Supernatural
6. Numbers
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Bones
9. CSI’s – I watch them all in re-runs on Spike TV and the History channel.
10. Discover Civilization channel – you can find out so much by watching this! Of course, none of it will ever come in handy, but damn! I’m like an expert on the Egyptian Culture of the Apis Bull now!

I’ve also been known to tune into several movie channels just for the hell of it. Last night I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (seriously, can you get better looking than Paul Newman? Not humanly possible) and Son of Frankenstein (Jenge came down halfway and was like “Is this supposed to be funny?” and I said, well no – it was made in the 30’s and was quite serious then but now we view it as kinda campy).

There’s nothing like a weekend of veggin out in front of the telly. Currently, Jenge is watching the Lost World on Space. In her own words, it’s kinda bad, but I sat down and watched a couple of minutes anyway.

So stand up, tv junkies and be proud!


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  1. Heidi Schempp Fournier

    This post is why you and Jengy are my people – love you, dude!

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