Is David Caruso the new William Shatner?
Think about it. The strange pauses in dialogue. The showboating of lines. The vogueing for the camera. The thing is, when Shatner did it, it was all fun! It was like he was in on the joke. I don’t think Caruso is in on the joke. Jenge and I watch CSI: Miami sometimes when there is nothing else on and I turned to her one day and said, “can you imagine how annoying it would be to live with Horatio Cane [Caruso’s character]?”
Horatio Cane in deep monotone, serious voice: What’s for dinner?
Margarita: Stuffed peppers.
Cane in deep monotone serious voice: We’ll see about that. [pushes sunglasses on face and storms upstairs]
Honestly, you’d go mad.

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