Return to the Valley of the Dolls – by Squirrelly Girly and Portia

Scene begins – Jenge has just gone upstairs while Margarita sips her coffee on the sofa. . .

J (from upstairs): What medication did you have in your room?
M(sits up like a shot): No! She didn’t!
J: She did. What was it and how many did you have in the bottle?
M: Umm, I dunno, 30? but I’ve taken some.
J: Kay, I got 26.
M: Call the vet! I don’t think she ate any, but we can’t be sure!
J(on phone with vet, covers mouthpiece and speaks to M): She has to come in and throw up.
M: How much is that gonna cost me?
J: Dunno, but since we can’t be positive she didn’t’ eat them, she has to come in.

Later that day, at the vet’s. . .
Vet: Looks like she didn’t eat any of them, or if she did, didn’t ingest any full capsules. All we found was kibble, a cookie and some black plastic.
– side note: It was “Underworld Evolution” Later found chewed up in my room.

Portia had to spend most of the day at the vet getting her vitals checked every hour, but has since returned home. Apparently she busted into the pills and was more interested in destroying the prescription bottle than actually eating its contents. That dog is going to give me a heart attack!


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