Let me tell you!

Let me tell you about my obsession with Sean Bean. It is fierce! Ya know, normally, I’m not into historical war stuff but I have seen every installment of the Sharpe series simply because Sean plays Sharpe. (example here). I rooted for him in Goldeneye even when he was a bad guy, I rented Silent Hill for the sole purpose of seeing him. I’ve watched Anna Karenina a dozen times because he’s in it. I never wanted Boromir to try to steel the ring from Frodo in LOTR even though I had read the book! But why oh why does he regularly play a bad guy? In his upcoming film, The Hitcher, Sean is once again our resident baddie. I’ll have to go see it just so I can ogle him, but I’m dying for him to play a romantic hero! Dammit!


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