Heh heh, oops.
So maybe I was a little hasty with my former blog. Maybe I didn’t have a technical malfunction. Maybe a couple of cords got really tangled and I was plugging the camera cord into the camera, and then my ipod cord into the computer.


I hate when I spark off about something and end up being wrong.

So here’s the pic of the chair. I leave you with the following details:

One sister goes upstairs.
One sister stays down.
There is a crash! A squeal! No reply to “Are you okay?”
And then faintly through laughter a small voice is heard. “Help.”
One sister has to pry the other out of said chair by tipping it sideways and dumping her out.
There is much laughter.
Jenge thinks she will recover with only a few bruises.
The chair cannot be saved.


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  1. Ashleigh

    that’s awesome! who can’t relate to being the one to finally send a broken chair to the broken chair graveyard?

  2. Jenge

    You left out the worst part. I was in the process of dying my hair and was actually supposed to be washing it out. I shudder to think of what could have happened had I not got out in time. Does anyone know of a good wiggery?

  3. Anonymous

    how about a recreation with j. in the chair in the picture…

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