A Trip to the Medium
Maybe I think too much. Here’s the deal… I found out the name of a Calgarian medium and Jenge and I decided to go. After Jenge and I went, Chantal, Sandi, Corinne, Donna and Ann went, along with some of Jenge’s co-workers.

After hearing everyone’s stories of their visits, I’ve found the following:
1. Two different people got told shoe stories
2. Two different people got told about tomatoes
3. Two different people got told they had healing energies for animals
4. Two different people got told about roses
5. Two different people got told about sweet peas
6. Two different people got told that their back hurts because of their shoes

The interesting thing is, it’s never the same two people. Am I just being overly analytical or does this seem strange? Is my brain working too hard on this? I mean, the medium told us lots of other stuff that was very specific to each individual and didn’t overlap, but I seem to be stuck on the overlapping stuff.

Am I being too thinky thinky on this?


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  1. Donna

    Not at all!! Another friend of mine went too and SHE was also told about sweet peas, along with a few other things I was told that I can’t really remember right now. But you are right, somethings were eerily accurate. Maybe she has some standard things she tells people to fill in the gaps of the real messages she is getting.

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