When I go to Jenny Craig every week, I generally have to wait for Jenge to finish her appointment first. Since JC usually runs behind, I’m sitting there anywhere from 15 min to 45min. There are never any new magazines, just the same tired ones that a) I already own myself or b) have been there for weeks on end.

But there is a toy chest for people who bring their kids.

Why are there no toy chests for adults?

I found myself thinking about this as I waited for my appointment this week. A few weeks ago I blogged about how now that I’m an adult, I can’t have an imaginary tea party or play dress up anymore. Apparently, I’m no longer allowed to play with toys either, unless they are ‘sanctioned toys for adults.’ (NOTE: I DID NOT say ‘Adult Toys’ as that conjures up an entirely different kind of thing and this is not that kind of blog!)

So what are the sanctioned toys? Cell phones, pagers, car alarms, car stereos, mp3 players, PDA’s, palm pilots, and any sort of established collectable (model planes, model trains, model cars, stamps etc). Veer out of this acceptable range and you get laughed at, mocked, scorned, etcetera.

I want a chest of toys to play with. I want a coloring book. I want fun stuff and shiny stuff and colorful stuff instead of a tired, ratty issue of ‘Business Today’ (which frankly is ‘Business Four Weeks Ago’ since the issue is so old!)

Why can’t we redifine adulthood so it doesn’t have to be so LAME??!!?? I feel like I got ripped off. Like when I was a kid, I would play with my Barbie and she had fabulous clothes and shoes and really glamourous hair and you would think to yourself ‘when I get big, I’m gonna get all those things.’ And then you got big and it didn’t happen because you just don’t have that many opportunities to wear a ball gown and a tiara in this day and age. So why shouldn’t I be allowed to go back to having my Barbie parties? I know that some adults still collect Barbies, but note I didn’t say I wanted to collect them (AKA leave them in the box until they make oodles of money and then sell them later), I want to play with them. Take them out of the box, loose one teeny barbie shoe and complain about it for weeks, buy barbie dresses and change her clothes and have her drive a convertable.

I want a toy chest for adults at the next waiting room I’m in!


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