Normally, I’m a driver. I drive anywhere I want to go. Walk? don’t think so. Bike? Tires are flat right now. Run? Hi, have we met?

But today I had to go downtown and I didn’t know where I was going to park, so I thought, oh, I’ll take the C-Train.

First of all, the city of Calgary train system is so unprepared for the number of passengers they have. I live in Eversyde, within spitting distance of three train stops. Did I go to any of those? Nope, you gotta be there at 6.45am if you want a parking spot. So I drive five stops up and go to Anderson, which used to be the end of the line and has MONSTER sized parking. I got a spot, about a mile from the station (okay, okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea). Then I stuff myself on the train with a gazillion other disgruntled downtown workers and we’re off.

Half way through the train ride, my arm, which is carrying my books is starting to twitch because the muscles are tired and sore. Do I switch arms? No, because I DON’T HAVE ROOM! It’s too crowded.

Then I walk the 6 blocks to where I was going.

I decide to leave at 3 so I will ‘beat the rush.’ HA! After just missing a southbound train, I wait 20 minutes (!) for the next one, at which point, I stuff myself back on the train for another ride. Despite the natural laws of physics, more and more people keep getting on the train which should be bulging at the sides at this point. And then, the high school kids. It’s so stuffed in there, and I’m standing so akwardly to keep from falling over that, (no joke) 7 of my toes fall asleep. And all I can think is, “Oh no! I’ll lose my balance! I can’t feel my feet (except the parts that hurt from standing). God it’s hot in here. What is that smell? Yuck! Someone is touching me, SOMEONE IS TOUCHING ME! SOMEONE’S HAIR IS TOUCHING ME!!”

What can I say? I’m squirrelly.

Then I had to trudge back to my car. I had to push the automatic starter and then perk my ears like a dog to ‘listen’ until I found it. Poor baby. Sandwhiched with a gagillion strange cars all day. And then I had to drive the rest of the way home.

Is this the best that modern civilization can muster? Sad.


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