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I thought to myself the other day, ‘I’m gonna find a current issue and blog about it! I’m gonna read and and all the other .ca’s and find something I can really sink my literary teeth into.’

One of two things happened:
1. The world is boring as $#!T and I couldn’t find anything I thought was remotely worth blogging about.
2. I realized I am the most apathetic person in the world as I couldn’t find anything I wanted to blog about.

So which one is it? Is it that nothing good is going on? I mean frankly, who gives a crap about the majority of stuff you see on the news? Isn’t it all just the same $#!T different year? Insert “WORLD CRIMINAL” here and add on a little war-mongering and toss in some dumb politicians and you’ve got pretty much any year since the beginning of time.

Or is it that I just don’t care enough about world issues? I mean, I’m totally shallow and I know it. I don’t give a hoop about alot of what’s going on. It’s not like I can vote on what the government is doing (unless it’s election year). No one is interesting, no one is good looking. That’s why Hollywood is better at selling ideals than governments. We’ll always listen to attractive, interesting people like movie stars. Boring and ugly people show up and we think – “Why would I listen to you? I may end up like you! boring and ugly” And wouldn’t that be a fate worse than death? I think so too.


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