When it’s okay to talk to yourself.

So, I have an hour long commute (both ways) and find myself bored and in my car alot. Sometimes the radio people really annoy me, so I turn it off. Trying to stay awake for my drive, I’ve tried several different things. Sometimes I wonder what the driver next to me is thinking. See, I talk to myself in the car. Alot. Now, I do have some good (okay, mediocre) reasons for doing this. They are:
1. I am currently working on a book. Sometimes in the car, I work on dialogue, carrying on both sides of the conversation. This helps me figure out if stuff sounds good. There’s a difference between dialogue looking good on paper and dialogue actually representing how people speak.
2. I am learning Greek. I will be taking Greek classes at the university starting in October. I wanted to get a head start, so I downloaded some podcasts. Occasionally, I’m supposed to repeat what was said. Sometimes I do pretty well. Sometimes I mumble. But hey, I’m trying.
3. I’m working on a problem. Used to be, when I was working on my math degree, I would logic out math problems. Saying them out loud helped. Currently, I’ve transitioned this to working out any sort of problem aloud.
4. Sometimes I’m just talking to stay awake.

So, if you are driving next to me in the morning, go ahead, smirk. It’s okay. I really am talking to myself.


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