Theory of Time

Why is it that when it’s Thursday it feels like forever until it will be the weekend, but suddenly it is the weekend and it’s over too fast? Is it really that time flies while you’re having fun? Is it possible to be so bored that time appears to be going backward, it’s moving so slow? How come they say when you’re asleep, it’s your unconcious mind in charge, but the unconcious mind apparently does not wear a watch?

Don’t you wish you could enjoy every second of sleep and not just have it whiz by in a “But I just went to bed” kinda way?

Don’t you wish your weekend lasted longer?

Why does it take so long in the morning for my coffee to brew, but it seems faster at night?

What is it about the human brain and time? Why is it we don’t easily recall all of our experiences? Why do only some remained readily accesible in our memories and others are long forgotten? Sometimes I feel like the human brain is actually time-incompatible and that’s why we can only remember the past and not the future. Now for you non-geeks out there, you will tell me that remembering the future is impossible, but to you I say, au contraire, mon ami, au contraire. According to physics, the future and the past are just points along a timeline and theorhetically, we should be able to remember both. But we don’t. Our brain is only capable of travelling one way on the time stream – forward. And why is that? Is it that it is an inefficient machine, too simplistic for the construct of time? Or are we afraid to use our brains to their full capicities, scared of what the possibililties may be.

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.


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  1. Jenn

    That’s why I try to think as little as possible. You should try it sometime.

  2. Heidi

    I love that idea! That our brains are incapable of remembering the future. What a cool idea for a story. What if you invented a way to remember the future. Would that be like robbing yourself of a future? I like it, you should explore it in a short story.

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