Stressed out? Me? Of course not!

I’m a high strung person most of the time but if you asked me if I was stressed out, I would prolly tell you no, I’m always this tense. Case in point, whenever I go to Amanda to get my nails done she always tries to wiggle my fingers, telling me to loosen them up, to relax. I tell her that I am relaxed. In fact, getting my nails done is one of the most relaxing things to me.

At the chiropractor’s office, my chiro says the same thing. Relax. I tell him, ‘This is me relaxed!’ Once he ran his finger down the tendon that was sticking out sharply on my neck and said, ‘Then what is this?’ But it’s always like that, I explained.

So, am I stressed out right now? Mental inventory: hmm. Well, I have had a death in the immediate family, but the arrangements are all over. And work is busy but it’s better to be busy than not. And I’m not sleeping very well, but my caffeine intake has gone up recently (see aforementioned death in family and work is busy). So am I stressed? ‘Course not!

But my body appears to be trying to tell me a different story. My hair is falling out faster than normal (a classic squirrelly girly sign of stress), and I just saw my chiro last week and already I can hardly move my head today and I’ve gone over and above the daily recommended dosage of Tums (but really, what can happen if you take too many Tums??) and the Advil bottle is getting more of a workout. Plus there’s this tight feeling in my chest that makes it hard to breathe.

Dammit, I think I am stressed! But what’s a busy girl to do? Yoga? Who has time? Facial? Again, who has time? Massage? Already got one booked but it’s not till next week. Sleep in? Who will pay the bills? Exercise? Hi, have we met? I don’t think so.

So, like the rest of the peeps in the world who are stressed out, I’ve got to keep going. We’re in this together!!


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