“Get Around to it” List

Do you have an “I’ll get around to that sometime” list? If you’re like most people you do. These are the things that eventually need to be done, but always get pushed to the bottom. Here’s mine:

I’ll Get Around to that Sometime – A list by Squirrelly Girly

1. Pick up my spare bedspread from the drycleaners – Jenge dropped it off in December. It’s still there. I see it in the window as I drive by for morning coffee. In all fairness to me, until April, I thought Jenge was gonna pick it up. But she put the receipt on the fridge and I think I might have told her not to worry about it, I would do it.
2. Get my new pants taken in at the waist – They fit great everywhere except right at the waist. I bought them with the intention of taking them to a tailor. They are still on the floor next to my bed.
3. Change humidifier drum – this needs to be done once a year. I’m on year 3 right now.
4. Find Portia’s collar – her tags have gone missing. I bought her a new collar but have put off purchasing new tags, knowing that as soon as I do, the old ones will turn up.
5. Take car to carwash – Chantal has written ‘Wash Me’ on my car twice.
6. Clean window sills – Blah.
7. Install garden gate – Dad was gonna get around to this, but sadly, since he has recently passed away, this task has fallen to me.
8. Take cardboard to recycling – It is currently in a big stack in the basement. I think Jimmy Hoffa is at the bottom of that stack.
9. Weed and Feed lawn – I have those prickly weeds all over. I hate those things!
10. Take clothes to goodwill – I have them in a pile. The pile was neatly folded. It fell over. Six months ago.


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  1. Ashleigh

    Ashleigh’s I’ll Get-A-Round-To-It List:

    1. go back to the gym
    2. clean out my filing cabinet
    3. clean out the closet
    4. wash the blinds
    5. take all the books that i will never read again to the used book store
    6. go back to the gym
    7. organize all books, CDs, and DVDs
    8. clean out the fridge and freezer
    9. go back to the gym
    10. rearrange all my furniture to make it feng shui

    I have much more to do but my list was about to get embarrassing. Ooops. Too late.

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