Paging Rock Hudson . . .

Man’s man, ladies man, man about the town, yes, it’s Rock Hudson. He was the studliest dudley Hollywood had seen in quite a while. I still watch Pillow Talk and Magnificent Obsession on a regular basis. Sigh, Rock Hudson, you dream boat.

But, unbeknownst to us at the time, he was gay. Sadly back in those days, you had to hide your sexual preference if it was not for the opposite sex. But they say, times have changed. . .. .

Or HAVE they?

My mum told me when she read a biography on Rock, that he said he and his ‘guy pals’ always made a point of hanging out in odd numbers, groups of 3, 5, etc. Hang out in even numbers and people might consider you ‘paired off.’ But hange out in odd numbers and it was ‘apparently’ clear, you were just hanging out with the buds, swilling a couple of brewskies.

Now I hear that Lance Armstrong, Jake Gyllenhall and Matt McConaughey are quite the threesome lately, hanging out all the time. Sure, they could be just good ol’ boys, meaning no harm. But hey, this is Hollywood.


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