Girly Girl in the City!

Okay, so I had to go downtown yesterday to go to the library. Being a suburbia girl , this is an unusual occurence for me. I could picture the library in my head, and knew it was on 7th ave, but I didn’t know the cross street (duh – Macleod Trail – seriously, how could I forget that!!).

Anyway, I parked at the Bow Parkade and figured I’d either take the C-Train (as I was in the free fare zone) or walk. And do you know what I discovered?

A) Calgary downtown is not nearly as picturesque as it should be – hello centre street C-train station, you cess-pool of activity. You squirrelled me out at 11am – I can only imagine what you are like after dark.

B) Calgary downtown is NOT made for women. My shoes got stuck FOUR TIMES. Twice in concrete sidewalk gaps and twice in some silicone putty gelly stuff that looked like concrete but was not! The last time, I had an armload full of thinky-thinky books (translation – gigantor sized library books) and was trying to figure out how I was going to extricate my shoe while holding 8 thinky thinky books, when some nice woman took pity on me, bent over and yanked my shoe free from the silicone putty squirrelly girly trap! (Said shoe is pictured above courtesy of Whoever you are, you were my saviour. Muchos thanks!

It’s like when I go to the mall, and they’ve used that really slidy tile for the flooring. Women everywhere are doing the shuffle step walk because women’s shoes generally slide on that kind of tile. But women are the mall’s number one customer. If THE MAN is reading this, wake up and smell the lawsuit if someone falls on your slidy floor and breaks their back. DESIGN YOUR $#IT for WOMEN!! I’m sick of no one thinking of these things when it comes to construction and architecture. Ditto for stairs with out risers. You can see up our skirts. We don’t like it. Get that dirty smirk off your face, perv!


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