Ah, Minutia!

For those of you who don’t have enough minutia in your life, feel free to borrow some of mine. Case in point, Jenge and I are putting in lino on the main floor. Reason? Well, as you know, Portia is fond of peeing on the carpet. I once asked my vet why she pees on the carpet and not the hardwood and my vet said, ‘Well, that’s easy. She doesn’t want to get her feet wet.’

She doesn’t want to get her feet wet. How about she really needs to stop disappointing her mummy and making her cry when she’s sees the carpet??!!! How bout that??

Anyway, to see our top choices click the links:

Choice #1 – Cottington Scarlet
Choice #2 – Deep Bark

Feel free to vote, but Jenge and I really don’t care what the general public thinks as long as we’re happy.


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  1. Anonymous

    DEEP BARK||| Are u mental? u really need more BARK in your house????

  2. Heidi

    Alright you are going to hate me, but lino – are you kidding? Get laminate at least, you can get something that looks just like tiles and it will look better then lino and probably costs the same. If not, let me know and when the next flooring sale happens in Calgary (they are every 3 months) we can pick some up for a good price. We could probably even get you hardwood at this sale for less then lino. Call me we will talk.

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