Save me from Idiots!

Okay, so on this exact date last year, I had the air conditioning in my car recharged. I didn’t even know that your air con could die and then need to be recharged, but after 2 years of having no air con, I did a little research et voila. So, my mum helped me out and I was able to get it done.

Flashforward to this week which has been a scorcher and I’ve got no air con again!

Now, I don’t know much about cars, but I consider myself resonably bright so I figure that I can’t be that wrong when I think that this does not make sense.

So I call the service station where I had it fixed last year (it is also a gas station). I get some young punk on the phone and I tell him (very politely – I am nothing if not excruciatingly polite) that my air con was charged at his establishment this time last year and it’s blowing hot air now. Does he know how long a charge is supposed to last?

And do you know what he said to me?? DO YOU??!! He said,

“How often do you use it?”

A sort of laugh-snort escaped me at this point and I said, “Well, whenever it’s hot.” and then do you know what he said, DO YOU!!??

“Oh, let it run for few minutes to see if it gets cold.”

Are you fraking kidding me? Like I just ran out to my car, turned it on and then immediately ran back in to call him. I politely add that this has been going on for a week, and I have an hour long commute. It’s run for a few minutes (like say SIXTY!! – that part was added in an internal monologue) and it’s still blowing hot air. And then do you know what he said:

‘Oh well, I can’t help you out because I only pump gas.’

And then there was a pause, a long pause while I waited for him to tell me to hang on, he would transfer me to the service department. But he didn’t. So I said kindly, “Alright then, can you transfer me to the service department, please.”

Pause from punk-head. ‘Um, I’m gonna have to put you on hold for that.” He said this as though it was some surprise to me and as though being put on hold was akin to having bamboo shoots put up my nails. I responded that it was fine, I was willing to wait for the next available service person to speak to me.

The service guy asked me to bring it in so they can check for a leak or something, which seemed reasonable to me. But what I couldn’t get over was this punk without common sense who was so unhelpful on the phone! If you don’t know $#it about something, pony up and say so and then just pass it off to someone who does. Don’t waste my time giving me jack$#it answers!



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  1. Betty

    I totally agree with you on this one. Lack of service seems to be happening way more often in Calgary – due to the great economy I guess. BTW – Jenn probably taught this kid – or was it me?

    P.S. Glad you’re home, missed your blogging.

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