Fess up to your Strange and Bizarre Celebrity Crush!

We’ve all got ’em. Those celebrity crushes no one but you understands. And I’m not talkin’ about your Brad Pitt’s or your Angelina Jolie’s. I’m talking about the ones that make your friends stare at you with a mixture of confusion and horror. So, come on! Let it out and tell the world. I’ll go first. . . .

My Strange Celebrity Crushes – By Squirrelly Girly
1. Peter Jennings – Loved this man. He seemed so smart! So worldly! So gentlemanly!
2. Anderson Cooper – He, too, seems very smart and well spoken. Snazzy dresser.
3. Jeff Probst from Survivor – You may think this one’s not weird, but given that I’m almost 5’11” and I hear that he is short, it’s out there for me. I think it’s because he always looks so clean and well-pressed next to the slugs that are competing for a million bucks.
4. Rick Springfield – Years after he was in the zone, I will still stop and watch ‘Hard to Hold’ when it’s on TV.
5. Richard Dean Anderson – Same as Rick Springfield. I’ve got all of MacGyver on order from zip.ca. Stargate SG-1 – Got some eps on DVD. C’mon! It’s RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON. You know once, in Grade 4, my best friend at the time, her mum worked for the Calgary Herald and she told us that Richard Dean Anderson was in her building one day! We squealed like only 9 year old girls could! We were stunned! We were like, “DID YOU TALK TO HIM? Omigod! DID YOU??” and she was like, what do you want to hear, that I grabbed him and kissed him? We squealed even louder! It was the best part of evening. I think we saw Crocodile Dundee that night. . .

Don’t be shy, mes enfants!! Tell me your strange celebrity crush!!


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  1. Anonymous

    Dwight Yoakman. Thank goodness i don’t have to post my name. But c’mon have you seen the suspicious minds video. Classic.

  2. Donna

    I have always had the strangest crush on Tommy Lee Jones. He just exudes power and self- assurance despite the fact that he’s not exactly Brad Pitt! And thank God. Brad Pitt is just too girly looking for my taste!

  3. Heidi

    Tommy Lee Jones – I love him as well!!

    Ioan Gruffudd, from Horatio Hornblower. I loved him in those movies, he was so sauve.

  4. Anonymous

    u wanna talk weird.for some wacco reason i like one of the guys in an old group called THE BROTHERS 4.

  5. Mark Fournier

    Horatio Hornblower is a dream…. wait a minute is this secrethiddenfantasy.org, crap, I meant to say that Pam Anderson is a dream, crap, I mean she is a hottie.

    Isn’t Anderson Cooper batting for the other team? It is ok if he is, I just thought that I would check

  6. Anonymous

    Okay, I’m forced to show my age here…I was first going to say Tom Selleck, but man, was he hot in the 80s, so how embarrassing is that, really? But I have watched every bad Elvis movie ever made – not because of the music, certainly not because of the horrid story lines, but because Elvis was sooo cute in the 50s (never mind that he was totally disgusting by the time I was watching the movies 20 years later)

  7. Anonymous

    Susan Day off Partridge family and Marsha, Marsha, Marsha from the Brady Bunch and Mary-Ellen off the Waltons. What can I say – I have a thing for tall, hot blondes…

  8. Donna

    Oh and you know who else I had a huge crush on at the time? Toby McGuire in Cider House Rules! True story! And anyone who knows me and my taste in men can appreciate how extremely embarassing it is for me to admit this! I have since come to my senses though and am safely back “in crush” with my usual manly men!

  9. Anonymous

    Donna- toby mcguire? don’t you think he’s too pretty?

  10. Donna

    I know, I know!!! It surprised even me! It was a momentary lapse!!! Leave me alone!

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