Sibling Rivalry

Growing up in a family of three girls, we were always fighting over something. I don’t know if it’s the nature of sisters, or just siblings in general, but there is always something to compete over. I always compared myself to my two sisters. How were my grades in comparison? How was my hair? My stuff (music collection, clothes etc). Someone always wanted what you had, meanwhile, you were wanting what someone else had.

While age changes somethings, there are some feelings that never go away. I still feel like I am always measured best when put up against my sisters. Case in point, Jenge and I are doing a running program right now. We’re both pretty out of shape, and we want to be in shape, so running seemed like the best idea. On days when I don’t feel like doing the program, as soon as I find out that Jenge has already done her training for the day I’m like, ‘Oh it’s ON!! I’m gonna go right now! No way she’s gonna get fit before me!!’ If Jenge stays on plan, I must stay on plan.

Now we are all signed up for Greek lessons together, and I can’t help but think, ‘Here we go again.’ Ann was the first to sign up and as soon as she did, I did. Then Jenge. I’ve already downloaded Greek Podcasts to brush up on my greek and Jenge is talking about getting herself a Greek-English dictionary so she can referesh her reading skills. Is this a strong desire to finally learn the language? Doubtful since we’ve had our whole lives to do it and haven’t yet. It’s got to be the spark of knowing we will all be in class together. Taking tests, filling in worksheets, speaking out loud. And no one wants to be the sister that doesn’t get it.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think sisterly rivalry is a bad thing. We push ourselves farther because we know we can do it. Would I keep up with the running program if I didn’t have Jenge? Who knows? Would I push myself as hard to learn Greek if I didn’t know I’d be going head to head with Ann? Probably not. And who better to compete agains than someone who:
a) comes from the same gene pool?
b) you’ve known your whole life?
c) will help you if you start to fail?

Because, while we sometimes compete with each other, none of us likes the others to be left behind and will give help when help is needed.

So it can’t be a bad thing! Yeah, I think nodding to myself, it’s a good thing. But I gotta go, I gotta get Podcast #5 deciphered before the end of the day if I want to compete in the Greek War!


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