I’m a WUSS!!

It’s true. I can’t handle pain. I won’t be one of those people that tells you, “Oh I have a VERY high pain tolerance. Seriously.”

Nope, not me. Can’t stand it. I’m pretty lucky though. I rarely get headaches. The only nagging injury I have is from when I broke my leg when I was 14. It still gives me a little grief, but two months in a cast and six in a leg brace taught me how to ‘limp’ without looking like I’m limping.

But I’ve got a toothache! Two weeks ago I had a filling replaced and since then. . . WAAAAAHHHH!

It finally got bad enough that I went back to my dentist. Advil for breakfast and dinner is not a good thing. She filed it down tons but said it might take a while for my jaw to adjust. It hurts! It aches all the way back into my ear and my neck and shoulders are killing me from how stiff my jaw is! I can’t really shoulder check when I drive anymore. I’m miserable!

Now as I said, I can’t take pain, but tooth pain is the absolute worst! You can’t really put heat on it, you can’t massage the area. You can’t do anything for it! I had to have an emergency root canal a few years back and I still shudder when I think about it.

So what does that picture of Portia have to do with my toothache? Absolutely nothing. But it makes me smile and that makes me feel better!


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