Lawn Mowing Bandits Strike Again!!

Dad’s not 18 anymore. Of course, if you try to tell him that, he’ll give you a dismissive ‘dad face’ and then pretend he can’t hear you. While he is partially deaf in both ears, I find it hard to believe he can still hear what Steven Segal is saying on the Spike Weekend movie, yet can’t hear Jenge and I when we tell him he shouldn’t mow the lawn without us.

Last week, Jenge was over at the ‘rents, and Dad said he was gonna mow the next day. Jenge said, nah, don’t bother, I’ll do it right now. Dad protested, it’s too hot right now. I’m going to do it tomorrow morning when it’s cool. Jenge replied, why don’t I just do it now? I’m here. I’ll mow. It’ll take me 2 minutes. Dad was adament. Now you may wonder why Jenge just didn’t overpower him and mow, but Dad is not someone you openly defy. And we were raised to respect our parents. So, Jenge told him she would be over tomorrow morning and help him. To which she received a non-descript shrug.

We found on the next morning that he waited for her to leave and mowed it himself!! Curses! Sneaky Greek Man! Foiled Again!

But this week, we had a plan. We were not going to take no for an answer! We were over for BBQ last night and he said he was going to mow once he got back from Ann’s (our older sister) tomorrow. He is helping Ann’s husband build a deck and so we knew he was going to be too tired to mow the lawn.

We called Ann as soon as we got home. Told her to call us when he got there in the morning.

10 am this morning, we call Ann (we hadn’t heard from her yet). Dad had landed! He was at her place and getting ready to go to Home Depot with her husband.

We dashed in the car and raced over there. We broke in (okay – we still have keys so we didn’t actually break in, we let ourselves in) and we mowed! Front and Back! We did a B & M – Break and Mow. We bagged the grass and then cleaned up. Whole thing took less than 40 minutes (we’re young, but not very good at mowing – starting the ‘One-Pull-Mower’ generally takes about 20 pulls, several kicks and curses and then finally a disgusted snort and then it will start).

We emerge triumphant! Dad has yet to go home and see our sneaky handywork. Ha!

Of course, he’ll prolly gripe about the job we did. Once when I was younger he told me a mowed the lawn like a girl. I just stared at him and then said, “This just in – I am a girl!”

But there’s nothing he can do about it now!

Lawn Bandits strike again!!


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