You’ve Got Personality, Baby!

So today I took one of those personality tests (click here to take it yourself). I’m always really entertained by these things. Afterward, I did a little research on my personality type. INFJ, that’s me. According to this test, I am very rare (some might say ‘Odd’ but I prefer the term rare!)

Now, I read this profile and thought, omg, that’s me! My best friend agreed, but I do wonder how much of it is like horoscopes. You can always find someway it applies to you.

On another website that had well known INFJ’s, Ghandi and Jesus were listed.

Wow. I was under the impression that we had no writings of Jesus. I guess he didn’t have time to write his life’s story, but he took a little time out to take the personality test and hide it in a safe place for future generations.

Honestly! Jesus??!!?? You don’t know what he would have answered! Some of these questions wouldn’t have even been applicable in those times! (See question #37. – You feel involved while watching TV soaps. Yes or No? I’m pretty sure he was too busy to keep up on Days of our Zion).

But if you’re curious and looking for something to kill time, I highly reccommend it!


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