Moderation is the Mark of Maturity

That was the tag line on a bottle of Hot 100 (cinammon schnapps – 100 proof) that I bought many a year ago. We howled with laughter as we read that on the back of the bottle. But, in an effort to be mature, I placed a piece of masking tape an inch from the top of the bottle and annouced to everyone at the party that I was not going to drink farther than the tape!

Two hours later, I’ve a vague recollecton of stumbling on the beach and falling into the water a bit (we were houseboating) and my ‘mark of control’ (the masking tape) floated away into the Shuswap. I don’t remember much more from that evening, but I am assured by those who were with me that I had a fabulous time.

Last night I had the girls over for girly martini night. Donna and Heidi came over with wine, liquers and food in tow. Now, the last time I had the girls over for drinks (Heidi and Jenn that time) I ended up being the worst party host ever (!) when I proceeded to drink too much and then take a nap on the bathroom floor for 2 hours. Of course, this was after a few drunk phone calls made to other friends (and some wrong numbers – Damn it’s hard to dial when you’re seeing double). But this time, I vowed, this time I was not going to go overboard! I was not going to have to make apology phone calls the morning after! I was not going to make my guests scrounge around in the pantry for snacks!

I was going to be mature about my drinking! After 12 years of drinking to get drunk, I was going to drink to be social, and then cut myself off!

And you know what, it acutally worked! It’s sad when you reach that age when you realize that getting plastered is not the only reason to drink. Remember when you were young and you did the pre-drinking drinking at someone’s house before you went to the bar? You had to get drunk before you went out because a) the whole point of drinking was to get absolutely rocked and B) you were not going to be able to get that drunk paying 5 bucks a drink at your local watering hole, so you had to booze it up for two hours prior and get drunk enough that you only needed to maintain the insanity at the bar.

So last night I made sure that there were snacks aplenty (thanks Donna! You’re party food rocked!) and I made sure that once I got pleasantly buzzed off a martini and a half (they were STRONG BUT GOOD!) I had a couple glasses of water and some munchies. I waited a while in between drinks, and was a good host (I hope!). I even cleaned up before going to bed.

What a difference this morning was from other mornings I’ve had. I’m not hungover, I got a good sleep, the kitchen didn’t scare me when I walked into it and I didn’t have to make a round of apology phone calls while trying to figure out if it was the girls and I who drank all that vodka (Surely not!) or did I knock the bottle over and spill some down the sink? (Oh the lies I tell myself!).

It’s sad but true, moderation is the mark of maturity!


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