Horsing Around

Ola! Yes I have been neglecting my blog lately, mes amis. It’s not because I don’t love you!

Heidi and I were having a discussion last week about how we are getting set in our ways. The older you get, the less tolerant of certain things you become. Sad but true. For example, Heidi mentioned to me a while ago that she has really come to appreciate a well cooked meal. She’s tired of screwing around with crappy food and when she goes out to eat, she wants well prepared, well presented food. Thankfully, I still have the pallette of a fourteen year old boy and really enjoy my tatertots and McDonald’s! But I digress. . .

One of the things we came to realize is that people who can’t laugh at themselves are duds. Yes, duds. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I am klutzy, funny (funny haha and funny weird) and that I am chock full of quirks. And if I do something stupid (which happens quite frequently) I’ll be the first to tell you so we can all have a laugh about it.

But some people seem to be incapable of laughing at themselves. C’mon! It’s SUCH A DRAG when you take yourself so seriously! It’s hard to sympathize with someone who thinks that they are king rat of the $#!T pile! Lighten up! You’d have gads more fun and be more entertaining if you would realize we’re all in the same boat! We’re tired of craning our necks to have a conversation with you while you are up on that high horse! Get off the horse! Or one of two things will happen:
You will find youself alone. On a high horse. Yes the view is great, but who will you tell?

You will be yanked off said high horse uncermoniously and the fall will be brutal.

I don’t know why some people take themselves so seriously. I’m such a geek that I can’t possibly take myself seriously, plus I’ve found myself in too many akward yet hilarious situations of my own making to not develop a sense of humour about it all. So lighten up! You can do it!


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