aka: A Shout out to Heidi

So, I’m always beaking off about something and generally there is no cure for my woes. But recently, I was complaining to Heidi about how I go to the Blockbuster and can never find what I’m looking for. Namely, a tv show called ‘Dead Like Me’ on DVD. Sure, my local blockbuster carries every season of CSI and even has Desperate Housewives in already. But I am not one of the unwashed masses. I am more interested in a show that has already ended its run, but from the episodes I’ve seen, it was quirky and humourous. Like me!

So Heidi tells me again about She has mentioned it before but I wasn’t ready to listen. is a website where you can sign up and for a montly fee you can have DVD’s delivered to your door (or mailbox as is the case in new neighboorhoods – See previous rant!). You can keep them as long as you like, and you have MILLIONS of choices. I was able to put tons of stuff on my ZipList (Stuff I want). Being the huge dork I am, I have already added all the episodes of ‘Dead Like Me’ to my list as well as Season 1 of MacGyver (MacGyver! I love it! I had the BIGGEST CRUSH on Richard Dean Anderson! sigh. Be still my 12 year old heart)

So, if you’re sick of being disappointed everytime you go to rent movies, be sad no more! Visit and sign up!


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