New Community Blues

I’ve got the new community blues. I’m tired of taking the puppies for walks and seeing ugly construction everywhere. Portia eats whatever the construction workers toss on the ground after their lunch (SLOBS!! There is lunch crap everywhere!!) Their paws get muddy when it rains because not everywhere has grass yet. All the trees are tiny new trees. Parks are incomplete, baseball diamonds aren’t done yet. Pathways go nowhere because they haven’t been finished. Back alleys are a thing of the past. We keep our blinds closed all the time because in new neighboorhoods all backyards touch all other backyards. Plus, small lots. Leave the blinds open and you will likely find yourself nose to nose, staring out your window at your neighboor staring back. Sniff. I got the BLUES!!

I miss the big trees of my parents’ neighboorhood. In the summer, driving up the main road to mum and dad’s place, the trees are so big and the road curves just-so, so that it looks like the tops of the trees bow over and tough each other across the street, like a canopy. There are back alleys that I know so well (from years of riding my bike) and they actually go places. Look out their kitchen window and you can barely make out anyone else’s windows because a) big trees block the view and b) large lots make them far away. My entire house and lot could fit in my parents back yard.

I got the blues. . .


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  1. Anonymous

    Better to be young with young trees than be old with old trees.

  2. Heidi

    I know exactly what you mean. That is why we are going to renovate rather than buy new. Our lot is huge, we back onto park space, have trails everywhere and have mature trees. It is a true trade of these days. Big, new house with all the amenities, but itty bitty yard.

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